Marketing and Community Outreach Ideas

Greetings Flux’rs

Marketing, Community Outreach, & Engagement.

This is meant to open up a brainstorming discussion that we can refine, vote on, and implement moving forward.

Pertaining to FLUX MCE we have a clean canvas to work with.

Here are a few suggestions I have:

What we DON’T want is implementing fragmented ideas at random times which lead to excitement and FOMO followed by lulls and FUD.
It is imperative to have a clear, strategic, (and malleable) plan.

As a competent, professional, & highly important project it is important to reflect this in these endeavors.
This means partnering with other projects and individuals with similar attributes.

I believe we need to reward Hodl’rs. I have watched too many projects incentivize participation with inflation only for those tokens to be the bane of the project.
In these instances any time there is positive price action there are a steady stream of “community members” selling rewards for profit, dragging down the price and scaring away new investors & potential community members.

Inflation is a tool and must be executed with care and forethought.
That being said I believe an AIRDROP to Flux hodl’rs is an interesting idea that could alleviate the above described problem.

Yes ultimately you’re kicking that can down the road, however the plan is by the time the incentives run out or after such airdrops the project will have already established itself as a vital utility, with a strong team and community.
The airdrop would simply award long term hodl’rs, especially stakers!

It can be a set amount distributed on two dates, one year apart, starting at the conclusion of staking.

Airdrops are talked about in most crypto communities and get A LOT of attention from influencers and YouTubers.
If they are announced now for the end of 2022 & 2023 it could go a long way to getting recognized and embraced by the wider crypto community.

These suggestions encompass the notion of building a strong, vested, involved, and growing community.
Feel free to critique and add your own suggestions.


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This is really great and will be effective if implemented. Airdrop from projects such as Flux is what people look forward to. They already know it’s legit.
This will also grow the communities

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When I first saw your twitter I wasn’t attracted to investing in FLUX as it didnt seem super professional. You need someone strong behind the marketing to really attract investors. No memes on twitter etc… a good way to get some recognition is famous people on crypto twitter. You currently have @trader1sz shilling flux so thats a good start. But you want to show the road flux is going, whats improving, can you stake, whats the usecase, where are you active… show what you are about don’t force people to read your whitepaper etc…

Airdrops are for sure the best way to get people on but there are other ways. The platforms u work with let them spread a few good words about the hidden micro gem. Let people know you will soon reward holders,stakers… but try to be different maybe even refreshing.


Thanks for your contribution Sir. We will work to make things better

Hi thank you for the proposal,

Here are my initial thoughts:

  • Airdrop as marketing vehicle is incredibly expensive marketing $ to value
  • Liquidity incentives are already pretty generous
  • I like to think about these things long-term, in which case: hiring out a strong marketing team > throwing more tokens at hodlers
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Community contests & activities might help to spread the word. AMAs with some ecosystem influencers. + AMA with the community. Lets start with NEAR, Solana community AMA i.e.

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